Down under in Australia
Do you want to learn something about kangaroos, wombats, dingos or the Tasmanian Devil? Or maybe you want to climb Ayers Rock or book a diving tour to the Great Barrier Reef? You can also choose a safari or a trek in the Australian jungle or read the hints a Territorian gives you for your stay in the outback. So come on and join us on our virtual trip to Australia.

Transcanada Highway
At 7,821 km the Transcanada Highway is the world's longest national highway. It connects Victoria in British Columbia at the Pacific Ocean and St. John`s in Newfoundland at the Atlantic Ocean and crosses nine Canadian provinces along the US border. I think you`re familiar with a lot of states of the USA, but do you know any of the thirteen Canadian provinces and territories. On our journey you will make a stop in six Canadian cities and you will also get the chance to visit some Canadian highlights like the Icefields Parkway, the Calgary Stampede or the Niagara Falls.

Music - made in the USA
Blues, Country & Western, Rock`n`Roll, Soul, Pop, Rock, Rap, Hip Hop, Grunge - all these and a lot more music styles have been created in the USA. I`m sure you know Rap and Hip Hop. Heavy Metal, Grunge or Rock are also not new to you. But what about Rhythm & Blues or Flower Power, Folk Rock or Philly Soul? Have you ever heard anything about B.B. King, Grateful Dead, the Byrds or James Taylor? In the history of popular music of the USA there are more than 40 important styles. The whole of them are the basis of today`s music. In this webunit we`re going to have a look at the last 100 years of music made in the USA. Our journey will start with the early Gospel songs of Mahalia Jackson and will end with the Techno sound of Juan Atkins.

Limericks are funny poems with five lines. Nobody knows who thought of the first one, but we know that the first written ones can be dated back to the year 1820. Even today many people all over the world love them and still create new ones. The name for these funny poems is taken from the 18th-century Irish soldiers' song "Will you come up to Limerick?". So the word limerick is also the name of an Irish town.

Meadowhall Shopping Center
Meadowhall is a shopping centre near Sheffield. With over 270 shops you can have a great day - even when the weather is terrible. You can go shopping in department stores or small boutiques, you can have a break, eat and drink in the Coca-Cola Oasis Foodcourt and you can finish your day by watching a film at one of the eleven cinemas. So let`s try to find out why every year millions of visitors come to Meadowhall.

Welcome to Sheffield
Sheffield - a city in the middle of England. Why don`t we have a look at some places? What can you see and what can you do in Sheffield? Join us on our visit to Sheffield!

Hurricane in Galveston
In the year 1900 the worst natural disaster in the history of the United States happened. On September 8th, more than 6000 people were killed as a hurricane hit Galveston Island on the Texas coast. In this web unit we’re going to have a look at what happened on that day. But you’ll also learn something about the history of hurricanes in the 20th century.

National Parks in the USA
There are 49 national parks in the USA and you can have a look at a few pictures of some of them in your English book: the Everglades, the Rocky Mountains, Yellowstone and Big Bend National Park. On our Internet tour we will visit other attractions like the Grand Canyon, volcanoes on Hawaii or the giant trees in Sequoia Park. Let`s have a look at some pictures of the most wonderful and impressive parks in the USA and Canada.

Get your kicks on Route 66
Route 66, that`s the famous historic road from Chicago to Los Angeles - from the great lakes in the east to the Pacific Ocean. Today it`s faster to drive on the interstate, but Route 66 will tell you much more about the USA.

A visit to New York City
What an exciting adventure: New York City. There are lots of interesting places, sights and events. In your English book you can have a look at some pictures of this great city first: Manhattan, Chinatown, Little Italy, the World Trade Center, Times Square at night or the shops on Fifth Avenue. There are so many things to see and to do in this city. What do you think about having a closer look at some of them and going there by internet? So join us and visit New York City!